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Our History

Remembering the past, embracing the future

Early days

1907 Baden-Powell holds first scout camp on Brownsea Island


1912 On 25th January a public meeting held at Good Shepherd Hall, South Ealing. 14 scouts joined. First Scout Master, Arthur Thornborrow. Sir Henry Seton-Karr as president.

Later that year Dr Percy Adams, becomes a scout leader.


1913 BP asks our VP Mr Percy Winn Everett to draw up proposals for 'junior scouts'. 8th Ealing's Wolf Cub Pack formed, as part the trial.

First World War

1914 Mr. Percy Winn Everett appointed as president.

Outbreak of WWI, 8th Ealing Scouts guard reservoirs at Hanger Hill from being poisoned.


1916 Wolf Cubs become official.


1917 Lieutenant-Colonel George Randolph Pearks. Awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) for gallantry and skill during capture and consolidation of enemy position, whilst he was wounded.

Earliest known photo for 8th Ealing Scout Group - 1912

8th Ealing's first camp, Perivale, 1912

George Pearkes VC

President 1919 - 1959

Interwar years

1919 Lieutenant-Colonel George Randolph Pearks, first assists 8th Ealing and appointed as president. Later he returned to Canada and started up his own scout group.


1926 Council and Burial Board agree for group to rent a piece land previously used as allotments at the edge of South Ealing Cemetery.


1930 HQ opened, (then a wooden hut).

Second World War

1939 WWII breaks out.


Hut turned into rest centre (for thoses homes had been bombed)

Air raid shelter built with 14" reinforced brickwork.

Scouts man old fire station in South Ealing.


1945 End of WWII

Post war years

1946 Air Raid Shelter bought from council for the princely sum of £20.


1959 Major General George Randolph Pearkes, VC, PC, CC, CB, DSO, MC, CD retires are president. Mr Jack King MBE appointed.


1963 An new purpose built brick hall is opened.

80s and 90s

1982 Mr Jack Girvan appointed as president.


1996 Beaver Scouts become official.


1998 Jack Girvan died, hall renamed in his honour.


2012 8th Ealing Celebrates its 100th anniversary


2013 Centenary Camp held at Stoke Poges visited by Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner.

Wayne Bulpitt cuts the cake at 8th Ealing Centenary Camp 2013

The Future is waiting for you to write it...


"Life is about grabbing opportunities. The prizes don’t always go to the biggest, the best and the strongest – they go to those who persevere." Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

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