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Microsoft 365


We use Microsoft 365 for collaboration between leaders and committee members.


You can access Outlook on the web or on your smartphone.


Setting up email on your smartphone

If you already have a your own desktop mail client, you can add your 8th Ealing account to it.

Office 365

In additon to Outlook we also have access to other Office online app such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint (desktop apps are not inlcuded in our subscription).


You can install Office 365 Applications on your phone or tablet including, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.



We have three SharePoint sites

  • 8th Ealing Scout Group - This is the top level which all leaders/committee members have access to.

  • Leaders - This site is for Leaders.

  • Committee - This site is for the Exec Committee.


To see the documents stored on the sites, go to the appropiate site and navigate to documents

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