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Online Scout Manager

Online Scout Manager (OSM) is a 3rd party tool, that we use record keeping, administation and payments.


When you first join the group or move sections, you'll be sent an email link to the OSM Parent Portal, follow this link and log in or create a new account.


To see the help pages in OSM Parent Portal, click the Help button in the top right corner.

Personal Details

This is the most important section and contains the personal details for your young person i.e. contact details for parents, emergency contacts and medical details. When you first join the group only the basic data from our waiting list will be populated and you'll need check this data to in all the other details.


If anything changes its important need to update them here so we have the correct information in case of an emergency.


From time to time we'll ask you to validate the infromation stored here is correct, by clicking the box at the top, that the details are correct.


In the payment tab you will see two payment scheduals

  • Subscriptions for termly subscriptions. This is charged three times a year, in at the start of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms.

  • Events for activity days, trips and camps etc. These are changed only for events that you've told us your young person be attending.

There are two ways to make payments

  • Recurring Subscription - These payments will be taken automatically on the date due as shown on the schedual. It saves the hassle of logging in to make each payment.

  • One off Payment. Otherwise you can use the Pay Now feature. This still uses the same Direct Debit authorisation, but will only initiate a single payment. The next time a payment is due you can go back and press the Pay Now button again.


  • You can cancel the direct debit from the payment tab, your deirect debit will also be cancled if you leave and when you move to another section.

  • When you move section the direct debit will be canceled and you'll be sent an email to set up a new debit debit for the next section.

  • Payments are made via Direct Debit, and covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

  • Payments are handled by GoCardless, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Neither the Group nor OSM receives or has access to your bank details.


Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows charities to claim 25p from the government for every pound donated. Please allow us to claim Gift Aid on your subscriptions as it will increase our income at no cost to you. Please make you declaration on the Gift Aid tab in the OSM Parent Portal.


Events shows you upcoming activity days, trips and camps, etc. You can sign your child up to the event by clicking on the event.



For Beavers and Cubs you can see the programme for the term. This enables you to sign up to the parents rota. We ask all Beaver and Cubs parents to help once a term. You'll be sent a reminder email before the meeting.



For Beavers and Scouts you can see your childs badge progress. This allows you to finish off badge requirements at home.

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